Worried about Your Roof? 

Don't Replace It.  Rejuvenate It!


Prolonging the Life Span of Your Roof

A Unique Solution To Treat Asphalt Shingles

Try Our Tested and Proven Roof Rejuvenation Solution

Roof Rejuvers+ is lengthening the lifespan of roofs in your community. Our USDA Certified Biobased product dries clear and doesn’t change the color of your roof. A Roof Rejuvers+ treatment is typically 80% less expensive than the cost of a new roof.

So, if you have concerns about the condition of your roof, don’t replace it, CALL ROOF REJUVERS+ for a free quote at 1-833-REJUVER.

How does Roof Rejuvers+ solution work?

Our product is applied with specialized spray equipment by highly trained technicians. Our product penetrates the asphalt shingles to replenish the fine oils that have been depleted due to oxidation and harsh climate conditions.

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  • Dries Clear and gives shingles like-new pliability
  • Seals the granules to achieve 84% more granule retention
  • Resists hail and wind damage
  • Reduces water permeability up to 97%
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