A Detailed Analysis

As part of our free quote process, we will inspect your roof to determine if a Roof Rejuvers+ treatment can extend the life of your roof.  The good news is that 90% of asphalt shingle roofs that are 7 years old or older can be treated.  The Roof Rejuvers+ treatment will prevent further decline to extend the life of your roof and can be a great alternative to roof replacement.  

Roof Maintenance

To prepare for the treatment of your roof with the Roof Rejuvers+ Solution, we will tune-up your roofing system by making repairs for issues like nail pops and damaged vent covers.  Once the tune-up is completed, we will prepare to apply the Roof Rejuvers+ Solution.

Roof Rejuvers+ Treatment

The application process is clean and 100% safe for people, plants, and pets. Less than two hours is normally needed to complete the treatment of a typical single-story home. Shingle flexibility, granule adhesion, and waterproofing protection will be restored to like new condition, thus extending the life of your roof.